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Welcome to a new era of internet experience, brought to you by Swift-Net.ca. We're excited to introduce the Wi-Fi App by Calix, a game-changing solution designed to keep you connected wherever you are in your home. This service is optimized, secure, and fully supported, with a host of features like ConnectIQ to protect you, your family, and your devices.

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Your Home Wi-Fi Network Control Center

The Wi-Fi App by Calix, also known as CommandIQ®, puts the power in your hands to manage and control every aspect of your connected home experience. This user-friendly mobile app combines intuitive design with robust capabilities to simplify your experience and optimize your home network.

Join us at Swift-Net.ca and experience the difference reliable, and high-speed internet service. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of the Wi-Fi App by Calix.

Calix GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u6:
Powering Your Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience

The Calix GigaSpire BLAST u4 and u6 are more than just Wi-Fi routers. They are powerful, smart home systems designed to deliver an exceptional Wi-Fi experience alongside appealing new services and applications. These systems are part of the Calix platform and expansive GigaSpire BLAST portfolio, enabling you to enjoy amazing subscriber experiences and expand your connectivity options.

GigaSpire BLAST u6

GigaSpire BLAST u4hm

GigaSpire BLAST u4

GigaSpire BLAST u4: Compact Yet Powerful

The GigaSpire BLAST u4 is an exceptional Wi-Fi experience in a compact integrated one-system solution. It's ideal for residential homes and apartments, delivering high-speed, reliable connectivity throughout your living space. With the GigaSpire BLAST u4, you can enjoy seamless internet access, whether you're working from your home office, streaming your favorite show in the living room, or browsing the web in your bedroom.

GigaSpire BLAST u6: High Bandwidth for Gamers and Small Businesses

For those with high bandwidth demands, such as gamers and small businesses, the GigaSpire BLAST u6 is the perfect solution. This system delivers unrivaled performance, ensuring that you can game, stream, and work without any lag or interruptions. The GigaSpire BLAST u6 is an integrated one-system solution that delivers on the expectations of the most demanding internet users.

GigaSpire BLAST u4hm: Extend Your Wi-Fi Experience Outdoors

With the GigaSpire BLAST u4hm, you can take your Wi-Fi experience to the backyard, pool, and patio. This system is designed to handle the elements, ensuring that you can enjoy seamless internet access, rain or shine. With the GigaSpire BLAST u4hm, there are no more boundaries or limits to your Wi-Fi experience.

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Experience the difference of a reliable, high-speed internet service. Sign up today and enjoy the benefits of the Wi-Fi App by Calix and the powerful performance of the Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems.

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