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Get connected now with, the leading home Wi-Fi internet service provider in Alberta & Saskatchewan, providing high-speed wireless internet services in Lloydminster, Cold Lake, North Battleford, Macklin, Provost, Kindersley, Kerrobert, Lashburn, Marshall, and more rural communities. Sign up today!

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Are you tired of slow and unreliable internet service in your rural community?

Look no further! is the leading wireless internet service provider (WISP) in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We're dedicated to bringing high-speed home Wi-Fi to rural communities like Lloydminster, Cold Lake, North Battleford, and more!

Map showing pins on cities including Lloydminster, AB/SK, Cold Lake, AB. North Battleford, SK. Bonnyville, AB. Meadow Lake, SK. Kindersley, SK. Battleford, SK. Athabasca, AB. Lac La Biche, AB. Unity, SK, Provost, AB. Big Island Lake Cree Nation, SK. Macklin, SK. Blackfoot, AB. Wilkie, SK. Lashburn, SK. Maidstone, SK. Flying Dust First Nations, SK. Kerrobert, SK. Kitscoty, AB. and Boyle, A
  • Kindersley, SK
  • Cold Lake, AB
  • The Battlefords, SK
  • Bonnyville, AB
  • Meadow Lake, SK

Experience the difference with's reliable internet service, designed specifically for rural communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Sign up today and enjoy our fast and dependable Whole Home Wi-Fi for you and your family!

Experience Limitless Connectivity

At, we are passionate about providing rural Canadians with the same level of high-speed connectivity as urbanites. That's why we offer a fixed monthly price for our wireless internet service, providing you with an exceptional browsing experience and complete peace of mind.

No Throttling

Our internet service ensures consistent speeds, so you won't experience a sudden decrease in performance during peak hours or after reaching a certain data threshold.

No Overages

You can rest easy knowing that there are no surprise charges on your bill.'s fixed monthly pricing means you pay the same amount each month, regardless of your data usage

Fixed Monthly Price

Our affordable plans come with a fixed monthly price, so you know exactly what to expect on your bill – no hidden fees or unexpected charges. Discover's Truly Unlimited Internet Service

Local Provider

By choosing, you're choosing an internet service provider that values transparency and customer satisfaction. We offer unlimited home Wi-Fi internet service means you can enjoy high-speed home Wi-Fi without any limitations or restrictions. Connect with us today and experience truly unlimited internet in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Join the growing number of satisfied customers enjoying's high-speed wireless internet service in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan!

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High Speed Internet

We provide fast and reliable wireless internet service, allowing you to stream, browse, and game without buffering or delays.

Rural Focus

Our team is dedicated to serving rural communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, ensuring that everyone can enjoy high-speed home Wi-Fi, no matter where they live

Easy Sign-Up Process

Simply enter your home address into our signup form, and we'll get you connected in no time

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive pricing and a variety of plans to suit every budget.

Local Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are based right here in Alberta and Saskatchewan, so you can trust that we understand the unique challenges of providing internet service to rural communities

Reliable and Resilient Internet, Built for Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan Rural Communities is committed to providing stable and reliable internet service to the communities of Lloydminster, Cold Lake, North Battleford, Bonnyville, Meadow Lake, and Kindersley, and the surrounding communities of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our permanent fixed wireless connections are specifically designed to withstand the unique weather conditions of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, ensuring that our customers enjoy uninterrupted internet access even during power disruptions, extreme weather, or construction in the summer.

Permanent Fixed Wireless Connection engineers a permanent fixed wireless connection, which involves installing a wireless receiver on your property to connect to our network. This robust infrastructure ensures a stable and high-speed internet connection without the need for satellites or wired connections like DSL or cable.

Less Susceptible to Power Disruptions

Our fixed wireless network is designed with built-in redundancies to minimize the impact of remote power disruptions on your internet connectivity. This ensures that you can continue to enjoy a stable connection even when power outages occur in your community.

Resilient to Extreme Weather Conditions understands the unique weather challenges faced by communities in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, such as heavy snowfall, freezing rain, and icy conditions. Our fixed wireless infrastructure is built to withstand these harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your internet connection remains stable and reliable during extreme weather events.

Unaffected by Summer Construction

Fixed wireless connections are like your mobile phone and less susceptible to disruptions caused by summer construction projects, as they do not rely on underground cables that can be accidentally damaged during digging or excavation work. This means that you can count on's internet service to remain uninterrupted throughout the summer months.'s permanent fixed wireless connection offers reliable internet service to the communities of Lloydminster, AB/SK, Cold Lake, AB, North Battleford, SK, Bonnyville, AB, Meadow Lake, SK, and Kindersley, SK. Designed to be less susceptible to power disruptions, extreme weather, and summer construction, our robust infrastructure ensures that our customers in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan enjoy a stable and uninterrupted internet connection, regardless of the challenges that the local environment may present. Choose for dependable internet service you can trust.

Business Class Service: Ideal Solution for Working from Home

In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, many professionals are embracing the work-from-home model. A reliable, high-speed internet connection is crucial for remote work, and's business class service is the ideal choice to keep you connected and productive. Discover how's internet service can enhance your work-from-home experience and seamlessly integrate with popular productivity software, VPN connections, video conferencing, corporate VOIP, and Wi-Fi calling.

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Empowering Online Learning for a Brighter Future

In today's digital age, online learning has become an essential aspect of education for students of all ages. is committed to providing a reliable, high-speed internet connection that supports the most popular online learning platforms and software in Canada, ensuring a seamless and productive educational experience for your children. Discover how's internet service integrates with leading online learning tools such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Edmodo, Schoology, and Kahoot!.

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Ideal Internet Solution for Non-Tech-Savvy

At, we understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, and older or retired folks may require additional support when it comes to their internet service. That's why we've tailored our services to be user-friendly, offering local technicians, professional phone support, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi.

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Enjoy Live Sports Broadcasts is your go-to solution for streaming your favorite Canadian sports. With our high-speed, reliable internet service, you can watch popular sports from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and across Canada without interruptions, including the most popular sports, teams, broadcasters, and streaming services in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Stream Videos and TV Uninterrupted

For those who love streaming their favorite TV, movies, and video content,'s internet service is the perfect solution. Our high-speed data service is designed to provide an unparalleled streaming experience. In this section, we'll explain why is the ideal choice for streaming enthusiasts, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without any hassle.

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The Ultimate Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming has become an integral part of many Canadian lives, and having a reliable, high-speed internet connection is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. is the perfect choice for avid gamers who want to stay connected and play their favorite games with their friends and family, such as PUBG: Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Lost Ark, Dota 2, Elden Ring, New World, Cyberpunk 2077, Goose Goose Duck, Apex Legends, and Hogwarts Legacy. Here's why is the ideal ISP for online gaming enthusiasts.

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