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Q: Who can use this and what does it cost?

A:  Currently services are available to residents and businesses, including farms within the RM of Wilton and Britannia boundaries.The cost of the service is $79.99 per month and provides 10mb/s of wireless access.

Q: Is there an install cost?

A:  Yes.  Currently installations are subject to a $250 install fee. Out of the ordinary installs may be subject to additional fees, but this would be explained before beginning work.

Q:What equipment is required?
A:  The installation covers bringing the service to your location, all hardware needed to make use of the internet within your business/house is additional (e.g. Wireless routers etc.) . Today's Technology can advise what is required for your desired setup and provide these items at an additional fee.

Q: Is it available throughout the whole RM?

A:Currently no. The install location must have line of site to one of our broadcast towers.  Over the next few months the coverage area will be greatly expanded.
Q: Is the RM paying for this?

A:No. Today’s Technology of Saskatoon, is providing the equipment, knowledge and support for the service. The RM of Wilton is receiving a portion of the revenues in a revenue sharing agreement.

Q: How do I proceed?

A:Please fill out the request form.  This will be submitted and a technician will contact you to start the process of a complimentary Sight Survey and advise you if the service is available at your location.